Work at the office.
Or anywhere else.

Osol makes power mobile, allowing anyone to
work anywhere, at the office or elsewhere.


The hybrid work

The introduction of flexibility and agility at work have now become the norm.
Whether that be behind a desk, in a meeting room, at a coworking space, at home, or at the park.

The office is now anywhere.

Femme et homme travaillant depuis le bureauRéunion d'équipe depuis des bureaux vue sur buildingsFemme travaillant devant un lac en pleine nature
Homme souriant travaillant à distanceFemme travaillant sur son ordinateur avec un pico osol à côté d'un bateau
Homme travaillant sur un canapé
Illustration homme 3d travaillant sur son laptop avec un café

Workpsaces must therefore transform.

Creating more flexible and modular work environments means giving employees the freedom to make their workplace their own. It means designing a new, more evolutive, eco-friendly and cost-effective real estate.

But there's a problem.

All of this is mere fantasy if workers remain tied to their power cords.

If spaces are frozen due to power sockets.
Flexibility and inflexible solutions simply cannot work together.

Businessman osol

What if we got rid of cables?

What if power moved along with workers?
It would be the final piece needed towards true freedom at work. To finally be able to create anywhere, without limits.

And finally make flexible workplaces... possible.

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Power. Anywhere.

Inflexible power structures belong to the past.

Discover how Flexible Power Network (FPN) solutions enhance your employees' work experience and can help you save on
operating costs.

icone modulable
Evolutive and modular spaces
icone optimisé
Hybrid and optimised M2
icone collaborateur
Empowered employees
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